Custom Laser Engraved Yetis

Pictured Left is not a Yeti Mug, it’s actually a new spin off called an RTIC. It’s very similar to the Yeti stainless steel mug. Custom Laser Engraved Yetis are a big hit currently and their popularity on the market is increasing. Although these mugs are insulated and should not be run through the dishwasher people probably will run them through dishwashers regardless. Our Pad Print Ink is very durable and does not easily scratch off however eventually the detergents from the dishwashing cycle will start to break down the print. But this happens with any cup or mug on the market. The ink will fade with time like everything else on this earth. Custom Laser Engraved Yetis seem to be the most popular amongst the marketing companies and end consumer. Custom Laser Engraved Yetis.

Custom Laser Engraved Yetis

We Can Pad Print & Engrave On YETIs, RTICs and any kind of metal or plastic cup. We use various specialty printing and engraving applications in order to achieve the branding that you’re looking for. Pad Printing on Metal Cups is what we do best and we’re great at it! WE Love Custom Laser Engraved Yetis! There has been a debate as to what is a better choice, Pad Printed Yeti’s or Laser Engraved Yetis. That’s really a matter of opinion. We Laser Engrave and Pad Print all kind’s of stuff, however we have specialty equipment that helps ensure that we correctly print or engrave stainless steel mugs the correct way.  Custom Laser Engraved Yetis are a great gift, good for branding or marketing as they are currently the most sought after metal cup on the market.  Custom Laser Engraved Yetis are cool! The more cups you own, the cooler you are in my book. I’ll be honest I am just going for a good word count here.

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Custom Laser Engraved Yetis Your Own Way!

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