Custom Printed Pelican Tumblers

Custom Printed Pelican Tumblers – We can offer Custom Printed Pelican Tumblers and print any color on either the 22 ounce or 32 ounce Pelican Traveller Tumbler. These tumblers feature a lifetime warranty and will keep your beverage hot (or cold!) for days, not hours. Pelican tumblers outperform all other competitors in virtually every category. They feature a screw-on (not press-fit) lid, with a slide closure that resists spilling. Backed by Pelican’s Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence, these Tumblers will really outshine any other tumbler on the market today. By choosing Pelican, you are saying to your customers and your employees that you care about quality and the reliability of the products you supply.

We are firmly committed to propelling our operations into the 21st century, appreciating our position as trailblazers in innovation and technology within the United States. Armed with cutting-edge laser technology, we meticulously craft parts from high-grade American-made Steel & Aluminum. Our unwavering work ethic, coupled with a rich Five-Generation History, has consistently positioned us at the vanguard of precision-manufactured parts. This legacy of excellence drives us to maintain our leadership in the industrial landscape.

Indulge in the epitome of beverage perfection with the Yeti Tumbler, a true marvel of modern engineering. Crafted from kitchen-grade stainless steel, this tumbler is a powerhouse of insulation, keeping your drinks ice-cold for up to 24 hours or steaming hot for 6. Its double-wall vacuum insulation technology ensures that condensation is a thing of the past, leaving your hands dry and your drink at the perfect temperature. The shatter-resistant construction means it’s ready for any adventure, whether it’s a rugged outdoor escapade or your daily commute. The sleek design fits comfortably in your hand and most cupholders, making it your ideal companion wherever life takes you. Plus, the No Sweat™ design keeps your hands dry and eliminates the need for coasters. Elevate your drinking experience with the Yeti Tumbler, where style meets durability, and every sip is an absolute delight.


Custom Printed Pelican Tumblers

Pelican has a decades-long history of high performance and quality craftsmanship, and you can use that brand image to help promote your brand as well with Custom Printed Pelican Tumblers. Custom Printed Pelican Tumblers – Our proprietary printing process utilizes the latest technology to ensure that your logo or company name is presented in the best possible light. We can print in virtually any color, and our super-durable inks will not scratch or fade. This means that you’re buying a product that will last your customers years, not months, all the while proudly showcasing your company’s information. With turnaround times of days, (not weeks or months), there’s still time to get that perfect Christmas present for your team. Our team of printing experts will handle all aspects of your project from start to finish, from the design process all the way to packing and shipping Custom Printed Pelican Tumblers right to your door.

Laser engraving stands at the pinnacle of modern precision artistry, where cutting-edge technology meets creative finesse. This technique employs highly focused laser beams to meticulously etch intricate designs, texts, or patterns onto a wide array of materials, ranging from wood and metal to glass and acrylic. What sets laser engraving apart is its remarkable precision; it can achieve intricate detailing and produce delicate, permanent markings with unmatched accuracy. By harnessing the power of controlled lasers, artisans and manufacturers can create personalized items, intricate artworks, and industrial components with impeccable detail and consistency. The versatility of laser engraving knows no bounds, enabling the customization of products, the crafting of unique gifts, and the production of intricate architectural elements. It’s a testament to the marriage of technology and creativity, offering a realm of endless possibilities for both artistic expression and practical applications.

Custom Printed Pelican Tumblers – You may be saying to yourself that all these great features come at a tremendous cost. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that even though Pelican is leagues above the competition as far as quality and design goes, we are not any higher cost than the other name brands such as Yeti. In fact, our tumblers hold approximately 10% more liquid than the comparably sized Yeti tumblers, so you’re getting a far better value with Pelican than you will with any other tumbler on the market.

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